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Billie Piper Daily

home of your daily dose of Billie goodness

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This is the Live Journal Community for posting and viewing pictures of singer/actress Billie Piper. This is an open, picture-only community, i.e., all are welcome to join and view and/or post daily pics of Billie. However there are a few rules in place to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Posting Rules for billie_daily:

1. Each post must include a picture. Posts without at least one picture will be deleted. No warnings, no edits. Dee-lee-ted!

2. Do not link to images hosted on sites that are not yours. That means no hot-linking or direct-linking is allowed. photobucket.com, as well as many other sites offer free image hosting services.

3. All posts containing large images (greater than 450 pixels wide) or multiple image must be posted behind a cut tag. Like non-picture posts, this will be commented on. Most likely by multiple people. If the problem is not corrected, your post will be deleted. However you are welcome to repost at anytime, as long as you fallow the rules.